Through this beautiful mess

The joy, love and beauty these girls have brought to our life is breathtaking. Yes, it’s hard, so hard at times. Our world has been turned upside down. Our home is a constant beautiful mess, full of chaotic noise at all times of the day. There is always a knee to kiss and heart to mend, a tantrum to extinguish and a bum to change, always! Our quite little life of 5 seemed busy and eventful and to a point it was, but something was always missing, somehow our house was to quite, to calm, to simple and it needed what these girls had to bring. We needed to get out side of ourselves, our wants and into the understanding that its not about us. These girls have already felt the greatest pain a child can feel through rejection and multiple times at that. They know what it is like to be passed around, pawns to adults. They know pain that many adults do not know. We understand that. We know that our quite little life getting turned upside down doesn’t make us victims, as much I wish we could take that temporary title away from these girls it’s what it is, their tiny hearts and broken memories has to be mended and healed in order for that title to leave. They are the victims of drugs, abuse, rejection, a broken system and yes we are fighting to mend their hearts but we already know we will be brought to our knees several times a day and our eyes will be filled with tears and hearts filled with hurt and our heads filled with thoughts of ‘can we do this?’ But at the end of each long and beautiful day we will also be amazed at God’s handy work through these beautiful little girls and the joy they have already brought to our home in only 5 short weeks is absolutely beautiful.

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