Tummy aches, scary stories and turning one.

Little Miss M had a rough week of not feeling to hot with tummy issues and not sleeping at all at night. Which, let me tell you, those days of no sleep and up all day running after little people is tough work that I had so easily forgotten about.  One of the days after no sleep and rushing to get the three older ones off to school we came home and I was hoping for some cuddles and tv time but sweet A wanted to tell scary stories in a tent. Well, being so tired and just worn out I placed a blanket over our heads and we shared scary stories together. It worked she was happy and my heart captured this forever memory, but seriously does that face not scream ‘kiss me!?’

Toady is M’s first birthday! I am so blessed that we have these memories and a few pictures to cherish forever. Today also marks her one year anniversary of being in this broken system. One year of shelters, foster homes and respite providers, but no forever home. But hopefully one day soon that will all forever change. This little miss is seriously one of the happiest babies I have ever met, as long as her tummy issues are good. But God sent her to a family of professionals when it comes to food related issues, so we will have it all under wraps soon.
This afternoon while waiting to get the older kids from school we stopped by the park to get some crazies out. One thing I am learning about Miss A is she may not have gotten all her foundation built as a little one and her past might still confuse her, but when she starts acting out giving a little one on one time will almost always put the raging fire out. Now, just to remember that in the mist of homework and dinner time and the evening crazies.

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