Hard goodbyes

Yesterday we said Goodbye to two of the most precious children I have ever had the privilege to love. The actual goodbye wasn’t as hard as the last night in our home was. I watched them sleep, rocked them a


little longer and reminded them how loved they are. Ben and I held our older children as they cried coming to terms with the reality of the girls really leaving our home. I trust God has a big plan for these girls and I pray where ever it is they are always loved and cared for in a deep way. As I sat in the car waiting to have them picked up we took tons of pictures, read books and we made crazy faces at each other just to hear their giggles. I pray they are always shown the love of Jesus and that they grow knowing how absolutely loved they are. Because they are loved so much!! I knew going into fostering that my heart would break BUT never was I prepared for this. But even with all these emotions, through the tears I smile thinking about how blessed we are that God saw fit for us to be in their life even if only for that moment in time. Our license agency already called and wants us on the list, so we will go back on it Tuesday.There are over 18,000 children in the Maricopa foster care system and not nearly enough homes.  Foster care is hard, loving children is the easy part, while navigating through a broken system is what I am sure causes so many to turn away and say I just couldn’t do it. Trust me, a few times this past week I said the same thing. It hurts but if you are doing it right, it should. Remembering that love always win and children are worth a broken heart ten times over. I don’t think I will ever think about these two girls with out a giant smile and a fallen tear. They changed me in such a beautiful way.

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