And then…

From the day after baby came home we had several calls to fill our last open bed but we for many reasons had to say no. Saying no killed us, but we listened, prayed and waited, knowing He had a plan and a purpose. And then late Monday night we got a call about a little four year old girl that needed a home. I knew in the first moment of that call that we had to say yes. I felt it and so I asked Ben and he said the same. But after we learned her story, I KNEW why God brought her to our home. We knew it would be hard BUT worth it all. She is a sweet little one that has three brothers that also got separated and put into the system. I hate that siblings have to be separated but not many homes are licensed for more then a few beds at a time. So it’s a sad reality that kids that go through hell then go into the system will continue to go through it. The only difference hopefully is they are placed with a family that can love them through it all and call out the best in them all while helping them heal.

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