It’s Official

Finally, we get to formally introduce our son to you all and I am so stinking excited about that.
This little boy is our perfect ending and today he is officially a Martin. He is the boy who I saw in my dreams prior to fostering, even prior to being a mother myself, I dreamed about him, and to some of you, I even talked about him. He is someone my heart knew well before I ever held him in my arms.
Little man has spent the last 428 days changing us, teaching us, and breaking down walls in our hearts that we didn’t even know were there. I love that he is our perfect ending to this chapter and forever, he is part of every chapter here after.
Every adoption start from a piece of brokenness and his story is nothing different, his life was full of it. BUT God…



He turns beauty from ashes and daily we see this truth unfolding.
Our family is perfectly, completely in love with him and BEYOND humbled and thankful for this day. If you haven’t met him yet, you really should. He is something very special!
……and a little child will lead them. (Isaiah 11:6)

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