Our family grew by two feet, two beautiful brown eyes and one beautiful, strong and independent little girl this week. We went back on the call list and received several calls in a very short time period. This whole process can be so overwhelming at times to say the least. How do you say yes to one, and say no to all the others? There are parts of this whole journey that are hard on a momma’s heart, but through circumstances and a failed attempt at bringing home a little guy first, the last call I took was for a beautiful little princess and she is perfectly perfect. If I haven’t said it before, you should know, I love this calling, I just freaking love it, even the no good, exhausting days, because the next day is a new day to start over and try again.

We started

As long as I can remember we have wanted to adopt children. At one point in my life I actually said I didn’t want to have bio children I wanted to just adopt. I am so happy I didn’t listen to myself then, because our three children add so much beauty to this world. But even as teenagers both Ben and I would talk of our desires to adopt children one day. Well, fast forward many years, life happened, amazing kiddos were born, healing was happening, careers were being made, and that desire went on the sideline, till this past June when Ben and I took the first step towards adoption and are trudging along with the licensing classes and home study. We don’t know who this child will be but we have prayed for them as a family each night since starting this journey and we believe God is working out all the details. We are thrilled, nervous and over joyed with th As e thought of this child who our eyes have never seen but our hearts are already connected to and who will be joining our crazy home one day.
Children need mommies and daddies. They need committed parents who love them. They need someone who will come running in the middle of the night when they have had a bad dream or when the horror of their past catches up to them. They need predictability, they need discipline, they need love. They need a mailbox with their last name on it. They need a parent sitting in the audience when they are dressed like giant cloud or cheering on the sideline at their football game. They need a dad to wrestle with them, a table to sit around over a meal to share the highs and lows of their day. They need a place to call home. They don’t need a lot of money, expensive trips or the latest gadget they just need a family that no matter what is on their team. Ben and I can’t supply them with everything but thank God everything is not what they need. So, whether our family grows through foster to adopt or just adoption is still yet to be seen but we wanted to share the news, because without most of you this wouldn’t be a possibility, we love you guys and are so excited to continue this journey with all of you. ~ Martins